Commission on :pushing progress/ppii

Bryn will be creating an original work on the ppii students of the :pushing progress professional training program for their showcase May 18 + 19.


Check out the review from Chop Shop: Bodies of Work.  Thank you Seattle Dances!


Dance Informa interviewed Bryn about her process, inspirations, and the future of the company. Read up in this article!

Missouri Contemporary Ballet

Bryn created an original work, One on One, on Missouri Contemporary Ballet. See an excerpt of this ballet here.

Into the Dark Evening

Center for Performance Research

June 14 at 8pm + June 15 at 7pm

We are excited to announce we are premiering our first interdisciplinary evening, into the dark this Spring.  Check out this VIDEO to get a peek into our creative process.  Follow us at Facebook and Twitter to learn about the dancers, collaborators, inspirations and more!